After the presentation of the FGWHA Cup, the Florida Gulf Women's Hockey Association players and staff gathered for a series of meetings, like Board Of Governors meetings. The main focal point was the fact that the older players felt they couldn't play as well as the younger ones, and the younger staff members felt the desire to play rather than hold a staff role or officiating position. In these meetings, it was decided and approved by commisioner Tamara Ruvalcaba to have age caps for players, both a soft cap at 35 (mostly a guideline, not an enforced rule), and a hard cap at 40.

Commissioner Ruvalcaba also decided to shake things up for the sake of building excitement for fans by not allowing teams to change a player to a staff member, or vice versa, within the organization. This meant in order for a player to change position, they had to be traded to another team.

With these new regulations in place, the flood gate opened for transactions for that off-season. The following is a list of the transactions that occurred as a result.

Name Old Team Old Position New Team New Position
Chantelle Merrick Colchester Sea Gulls Defense Whiteland Dolphins General Manager
Chrissy Hall Whiteland Dolphins General Manager Colchester Sea Gulls Defense
Emma Moss Colchester Sea Gulls Goalie Portland Thunderbirds Medical Trainer
Irene Irving Portland Thunderbirds Medical Trainer Colchester Sea Gulls Goalie
Mercedes Matthew Whiteland Dolphins Goalie Yorkshire Harbor Lobsters Equipment Manager
Nichola Calhoun Yorkshire Harbor Lobsters Equipment Manager Whiteland Dolphins Goalie
Addison Gavin Ocean Harbor Millionaires Assistant Coach Staunton Palms Defense
Tia Field Staunton Palms Defense Ocean Harbor Millionaires Assistant Coach
Gwen Nash Staunton Palms Defense Belleville Blades Assistant Coach
Rikki Barfield Belleville Blades Assistant Coach Staunton Palms Defense
Candy Friend Yorkshire Harbor Lobsters Left Wing Fleetwood Lumberjacks Medical Trainer
Hailey Pyle Fleetwood Lumberjacks Medical Trainer Yorkshire Harbor Lobsters Left Wing
Irene Drew Fleetwood Lumberjacks General Manager Avon Mariners Defense
Tish Crist Avon Mariners Defense Fleetwood Lumberjacks General Manager
Ariel Wheatley Victoria Stingrays Right Wing Greentree Sharks General Manager
Joanne Stevenson Greentree Sharks General Manager Victoria Stingrays Right Wing
Ashley Thomas Portland Thunderbirds Defense Ocean Harbor Millionaires Head Coach
Jaden Farkas Ocean Harbor Millionaires Head Coach Portland Thunderbirds Defense

This list is incomplete. More will be added soon.

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